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1 bedroom flat unfurnished

Bus stopGrocery storeCity centreStudent gymNature and leisure


8050 - 8750 kr pr/mnd



8050 - 8750 kr/mnd

You can apply to several homes. We recommend at least 3.


Elverhøy Student Housing has a central location close to nature, 5 km from the university and 1 km from downtown Tromsø. This student housing is in a three-storey apartment block featuring single rooms, 1 bedroom flats and one 2 bedroom flat, as well as a gym connected to the student housing. Storage rooms and a communal laundry are situated in the basement. If you need a storage room, you can ask for it in the Housing Portal after moving in.


Each two-room flat comprises of living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. These flats are suitable for single students or couples.


Elverhøy Student Housing is a perfect base for outdoor recreation. The student housing is beside large areas of forest, which are popular for excursions year-round. There is easy access to hiking terrain and illuminated cross-country ski trails, connecting to other parts of the island. The lake Prestvannet and surrounding park area are great for walks or jogging year-round. The gym connected to the Elverhøy Student Housing, which features basic strength and conditioning equipment, is open to members of the Kraft student sports centre. A supermarket is situated across the road from the student housing.

Walk or cycle to campus

There are excellent oportunities to bike, walk or ski from Elverhøy Student Housing to the university. A network of illuminated cross-country ski trails stretching the length of the island connects the student housing with the campus. It takes 15-20 minutes to cycle to campus. You can easily walk to downtown Tromsø in 15 minutes.

Public transportation

There are good bus connections to downtown Tromsø. There is a bus stop nearby. The bus to the city centre takes 10 minutes.


Tromso kommune has a fee of 100 NOK per month for parking. To make an agreement about parking please read more at Asked Questions/Parking. Guest must pay with the parking app Easy Park. Read more on signs at the parking areas.

8050 - 8750 kr/mnd

You can apply to several homes. We recommend at least 3.