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Kindergartens that adapts to your studies

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Our Kindergartens
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Our Kindergartens

We have five kindergartens in Tromsø, one in Narvik and one in Alta, all adapted to a student parent's life.

Why Choose a Student Kindergarten

There are many advantages to choosing a student kindergarten.

8 tips for a good start in kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a big and important change in your and your child's life.

Application process and prices

Learn about our application process for Kindergartens

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about student kindergartens

Contact your Student Kindergarten

Find the contact information for your student kindergarten

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How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here!



Day Care

Why Choose a Student Kindergarten

If you are a student with children, there are many benefits to choosing a student kindergarten.