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Nyland Student Kindergarten

Nyland Student Kindergarten is located on campus in Alta, next door to the university.

About us!

The kindergarten has a large and beautiful outdoor area that is used daily. We have educational leaders, kindergarten teachers and skilled workers with experience, enthusiasm and knowledge, so that the children get a good place to be.

The kindergarten has a high academic focus, a large number of educators and a good academic collaboration with UiT.

Opening hours

07.30 - 16.30

20200604 091632

Focus Area

Our vision is : Good relationships nurtures learning

We are concerned about what good quality in the kindergarten is, and will ensure that all children in Alta receive an equal and high-quality kindergarten offer. For the kindergarten year 2020-2021, our focus area is "Nature as a play and learning arena." Nature is an inexhaustible source of learning. Both about own skills, socially and motorically, but also about bird life, plant and animal life. The children learn to cook outside, they learn to travel in nature and learn about environmental protection.

We base our pedagogy on the idea that play should be central in a kindergarten's everyday life and it is important for us to make the role and significance of play visible. We are interested in the play environment and let ourselves be inspired by Reggio Emilia and the room as the 3rd educator.

We are a practice kindergarten for UiT Norwegian Arctic University. This means that we regularly have kindergarten teacher students in practice with us.

Nyland Student Kindergarten focuses on Finnmark culture and carries out various cultural activities throughout the year. The activities are adapted to the children's age and level of development.

We spend time outside in all kinds of weather. We are an internship kindergarten for UiT. This means that we regularly have kindergarten teacher students interning with us.

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Outdoor Life

The out door life is very important at all bases, and we have a large outdoor area that is used frequently. Just behind the kindergarten we have a separate fenced forest, with nature playground, zipline, waterway and, lavvo, in addition to a large outdoor area in front of the kindergarten. In the fall, you can even pick blueberries inside our fences. We often start the day out at the big base, and fire up the barbecue room if it is cold. When we do not use the forest and the outdoor area in the kindergarten, we have many nice hiking destinations in the local area.

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A Day at Kindergarten

All meals are served in the kindergarten.

We emphasize a healthy and nutritious diet.

Breakfast is served at 08.30

On Mondays there is oatmeal for breakfast and on Wednesdays, boiled eggs or cereal for breakfast. The remaining days we serve regular bread with spreads, in addition to milk, water and chopped vegetables.

Lunch is from 10.45-12.00 (depending on the age of the children).

Here, ordinary bread is served, with various cold cuts, as well as milk, water and chopped vegetables. On Thursdays we have a hot lunch, according to a set menu.

The fruit meal is at 14.00.

Sliced ​​fruit is served here in several varieties. At times, we vary, for example, with cereal, crispbread, cereals, cold cuts such as fish cakes or fish pudding.

Contact us

Blå base
952 66 271
Grønn base
952 66 273
Rød base
952 66 274

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27, Follums vei, Midtbakken, Alta, Troms og Finnmark, 9510, Norge
 Follums vei 27,  9510  Alta

How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here!

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